• BodyguardⅠ

Bodyguard IDisposable Medical Device, Wound Care, Negative Pressure Therapy Kit, Drainage, White Foam Film, Dressing Kit, NPWT

BodyguardⅠ is included in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System.


Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System advantages
Suction on the upper part of the sponge, eliminating the need for side piping, easy to splice
Built-in pipelines and fixed discs are pre-sealed and fixed, and the sealing of the film and the drainage pipeline is changed to the seal of the film and the fixed disc, simplifying operation and reducing the possibility of air leakage
Design the M-type film corresponding to the fixed plate, simplify the filming operation, and make the film sealing easier
The flushing tube is set outside the built-in drainage tube, the drainage tube drainage is more smooth, without clogging
The side hole is added to the flushing tube, and the sponge is flushed in all directions, and the flushing effect is significantly improved

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