Where is the poly pedicle screw insertion point
 Jul 20, 2020|View:321

Several methods for determining the needle entry point for lumbar poly pedicle screw: 1. The intersection of the extension line of the facet joint space and the transverse process bisector. 2. The needle entry mark is the intersection of the vertical line along the outer edge of the articular process of the fixed vertebral body and the bisector of the transverse process.

poly pedicle screw.jpg

3. Draw a vertical line at the midpoint of the posterior edge of the upper articular process, and draw a horizontal line on the accessory process of the transverse process. The intersection of the two lines is the needle entry point.

4. The intersection point between the centerline of the transverse process and the longitudinal line of the upper and lower facet joint surfaces.

5. Acupuncture at the apex of the herringbone crest (the point where the accessory process ridge and the isthmic ridge meet at the posterior and lateral root of the superior articular process).

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