Product highlights of osteotomy locking plate
 Jul 15, 2020|View:311

The osteotomy locking plate is designed and manufactured according to the anatomical characteristics of human bones. The bone plates&bone screws of different sizes and different shapes are designed with thin and shape. According to the different parts of use and the expected weight, the locking bone plates of different thickness and locking bone screws of different diameters are designed. In clinical use, the locking bone plate and the locking bone screw are used together to serve as a temporary internal stent, provide a stable local environment for the fractured end, and create conditions for the healing of the fractured end.

Osteotomy locking plate.jpg

Product highlights of osteotomy locking plate

1,Anatomical design is more conformable.

2,Common nail hole design, flexible choice of locking nail or ordinary nail.

3,Titanium material, better biocompatibility.

4,Angled design is stable, without long-term bracing or gypsum external fixation.

5,5.0 femoral neck screw is hollow design, easy to operate.

After our introducing,i hope you may know more about osteotomy locking plate.

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