Characteristics of disposable circular stapler
 Jul 13, 2020|View:369

Disposable circular stapler is suitable for end-to-end anastomosis and end-to-side anastomosis of digestive tract tissues such as esophagus, stomach and intestine. In order to help you know more about this stapler,we will introduce it from its characteristics.

disposable circular stapler

1,More ergonomic handle, streamlined design, comfortable and powerful operation feeling, easy to shoot with one hand.

2,Disposable circular stapler has appropriate inner diameter and outer diameter to prevent anastomotic stenosis.

3,One-piece anvil to ensure complete formation of staples.

4,It has small anastomotic gap to avoid tissue damage due to excessive compression.

5,Unique anvil nail groove design is more conducive to nail forming and stitching.

6,Green safety window, can clearly indicate the thickness of the tissue.

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