Proper use of disposable PPH stapler
 Jul 09, 2020|View:524

Disposable PPH stapler is one of the devices commonly used in surgery now. In the operation, the stapler only needs three simple steps to complete the wound suture. Compared with the traditional manual suture, it requires cutting, separation, ligation, hemostasis and other series of steps It takes a long time, many steps, and after the operation is completed, there may be surgical complications due to wound infection. The stapler is simple and fast, and has few side effects, so it is widely used.

Disposable PPH stapler.jpg

The first is the surgical disconnection process. Because the first operation is to remove the bad tissue cells in the body, the first step in using the disposable PPH stapler is to use a linear stapler to remove the bad tissue. For example, if the colon is cut off, the stapler must be used to cut off the colon.

The second is the surgical suture process. Like our binding process, the use of a stapler also requires suture of the tissue. After the cell tissue is aligned, the tissue is sutured with the disposable PPH stapler. The wound after the stapler is sutured is generally uniform and fine.

Third, the anastomosis process of surgery. After the suture is completed, you need to use a disposable circular stapler to anastomize the tissue, such as the colon end of the rectum, etc. After the anastomosis is complete, the wound suture process is completed.

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