Introduce what is mini plates&screws
 Jun 17, 2020|View:553

The mini plates&screws were first used in spine surgery and maxillofacial surgery 20 years ago to stabilize fractures and reduce extensive dissection and injury of soft tissue. It makes the bone and steel plate stronger, and makes the amputated limb more stable after reduction.

mini plates&screws

Mini plate is a fracture fixing device with threaded holes. After the screws with threaded heads are screwed in, the steel plate becomes a (screw) angle fixing device. It can have both locking and non-locking holes for different screws. Any steel plate that can be screwed into an angle fixed (stable) screw or bolt is essentially a locking steel plate. The fixation of the steel plate does not rely on bone friction to achieve the connection, but completely depends on the interlocking structure of the steel plate itself. There can be a certain gap between the plate and the bone surface, which eliminates the adverse effect of the plate and bone heavy pressure contact, and greatly improves the growth and recovery of blood circulation and periosteum. The main biomechanical difference from the traditional steel plate is that the latter relies on the friction force at the bone-steel plate interface to complete the compression of the bone by the steel plate.

Mini screw is a self-tapping screw without tapping or bone drilling; there is no pressure between the steel plate and the cortical bone, which does not generate pressure on the periosteum, thereby protecting the blood flow of the periosteum; the surgical technique can meet the requirements of minimally invasive operations. Good protection of blood flow in the local area of the fracture, which does not require bone grafting operation; the internal fixation bracket is elastically fixed, and in the presence of load, there is stress stimulation between the fracture blocks. This stimulation is beneficial to the formation of callus and fracture healing.

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