Know more about disposable circular stapler
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Disposable Circular Stapler is applicated in the whole digestive tract for end-to-end,end-to-side anastomosis. disposable circular stapler is often used for hemorrhoids.

Disposable Circular Stapler is composed of orange tying area piercer, nail cartridge, kiss gap setting ruler, adjusting button, safety pin, firing handle, spacer, auxiliary puncture device, tying groove, locking spring and other components. The disposable circular stapler material is medical stainless steel, the handle material is polycarboxylate, and the staple material is titanium alloy. One-time use products, radiation sterilization.

Disposable Circular Stapler.png

Features of disposable circular stapler

Large cutting diameter

Adjustable thickness of tissue,meet all kinds need

Quick open and close mechanism make it more comfortable to use.

It is convenient to exit safely after firing with no lip of knife bunting seat.

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