Features of distal radius locking plates
 Jun 15, 2020|View:462

Features of the distal radius locking plate

Anatomical pre-molding, 60°twisting of the cadre is attached to the distal tibia anatomy to reduce intraoperative bending.

distal radius locking plates.jpg

The thin design at the far end reduces soft tissue irritation.

The four locking screws at the distal end are inclined downward to better fix the posterior ankle bone and support the articular surface. The 2.0mm Kirschner pinhole provides a stable temporary fixation and shows the degree of proximity to the joint.

Adaptation symptoms of the distal radius locking plate:

Open or closed osteotomy of high tibia

Idiopathic or traumatic knee varus

Medial single ankle knee disease

Poor alignment of proximal tibia

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