Features of metallic plates&screws
 Jun 09, 2020|View:458

Mini plates&screws are non-active surgical metal implants for bone joining,it is mainly used to stabilize new fractures, revision surgery, joint fusion, and reconstruct the small bones of the feet, ankles and toes. Now we will introduce its features to help you know more about this product.

metallic plates&screws

Screw barb teeth design, effectively prevent nail arm expansion and screw plug out.

Torx plug, safe and reliable locking.

Three-section thread design to enhance holding power.

The device design is convenient and reasonable, and the operation saves time, effort and worryThe adjustable angle of the universal pin reaches 40 degrees, which is convenient for the angle fixing.

We can provide metallic plates&screws according to customer needs. If you have needs,welcome to contact us.

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