The difference between osteotomy locking plate and ordinary plate
 May 19, 2020|View:505

We will introduce the difference between osteotomy locking plate and ordinary plate through the below items.

Osteotomy locking plate.jpg

Compared with the ordinary plate, the osteotomy locking plate can be placed in soft tissue without peeling off the periosteum to reduce the damage to the bone. The steel plate does not need to be completely shaped with the backbone and can be fixed by percutaneous minimally invasive steel plate.

The locking screw is self-drilling and self-tapping, and the nut has threads, which can be firmly integrated with the steel plate to achieve its own interlocking structure so that it does not need to rely on the friction force of the steel plate bone-steel interface to complete the addition of the steel plate to the bone Pressure.

The locking of the osteotomy locking plate is completely achieved by the interlocking structure of the steel plate itself. When the screw and the steel plate are fixed at an angle, the steel plate screw and the backbone form a three-dimensional fixation, which is more stable than the ordinary AO steel plate locking steel plate.

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