What is mono pedicle screw
 Apr 28, 2020|View:419

mono pedicle screw is used in conjunction with connecting rods and adjustment bars in artificial spine trauma, skeletal lesions or deformity correction surgery to connect and fix vertebral trauma or lesions.

mono pedicle screw

The mono pedicle screws are connected by an adjustment bar, which can be bent according to the physiological curve of the spine through a rod bender to restore the physiological lordosis of the spine, further correct the deformity of the spine, and achieve a good reduction. The two adjusting bars are reinforced and fixed by a connecting rod, so that it becomes a frame structure, forming an integrated connection.

The double R design with sharp teeth and double thread bottom can make the pedicle screw easier to screw into the vertebral body and reduce the friction area, which can decompose the screw stress to the greatest extent and enhance the pullout resistance.

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