Introduce what is spine system instruments set
 Apr 27, 2020|View:448

In order to help you know more about spine system instruments set,we will introduce this product from its features,application and advantages.

Features and application of spine system instruments set

Our spine system instruments set is suitable for temporary correction and fixation of the spine from the thoracic spine to the sacral spine. The indications include surgical tools for the correction of fusion diseases such as disease, disc herniation, and false joint failure.

spine system instruments set

Advantages of spine system instruments set

1,Strong versatility, it can be used in conjunction with other systems through the domino joint;

2,The patented locking thread design can effectively prevent the sliding wire and reduce the side wall tension, making the locking more reliable and safe;

3,Minimize osseous occlusion, reliable fixation; convenient postoperative correction, can reduce patient pain;

4,use of engineering elements to improve the stability and strength of the structure;

5,the use of reverse thread technology to make the screw plug easier to screw and secure ,reliable.

So after our introducing,if you are interested in spine system instruments set,welcome to contact us.

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