What is intervertebral fusion
 Apr 22, 2020|View:373

As the aging population intensifies, spinal degenerative diseases with neck and shoulder pain and low back pain as the main symptoms are seriously affecting people's work and life. Performing vertebral body fusion between vertebral bodies is one of the main methods for treating degenerative spinal diseases.

intervertebral fusion

The intervertebral fusion cage is composed of an intervertebral fusion cage and an accessory screw of the intervertebral fusion cage. The scope of application of the product is suitable for spinal fusion. Intervertebral fusion cage, as an orthopedic implantable medical device, is one of the main implants for fusion of the adjacent intervertebral space of the spine, and its safety and effectiveness directly affect the effect of bony fusion of adjacent vertebral bodies.

Pre-shaped non-degradable interbody fusion cage implanted in the intervertebral space and used in conjunction with spinal internal fixation implants. In vertebral resection (subtotal and total resection), vertebral body replacement implants, and specially designed products such as self-stabilizing, self-expanding, split combined, and absorbable intervertebral fusion cages.

Through the unremitting efforts of scientists, various intervertebral fusion cages have been developed and applied gradually in clinic. The ideal interbody fusion cage requires correction of spinal deformity, restoration of normal physiological curvature, and stability of intervertebral space. The most important thing is to promote bone fusion.

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