For patients with bone plates&bone screws, what should be paid attention to in life
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For patients with bone plates&bone screws, what should be paid attention to in life? Now we will explain you this question.

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(1) Postoperative care and the patient's subjective desire and objective ability to follow the doctor's order are the two most important factors for successful fracture healing. Patients must be made aware of the limitations of implants, necessary protective measures should be taken after surgery, and functional exercises must be performed in strict accordance with requirements. Patients must be required to have regular X-ray examinations. If any adverse signs appear, they need to be closely observed to assess the possibility of further deterioration and take corresponding measures.

(2) Under 18 and over 65 years, with acute infection, pregnant and lactating women, calcium metabolism disorders, mental illness, systemic neurological diseases, known patients allergic to the material of implants, severe comminuted fractures, companions Patients with diabetes or advanced tumors, patients with unstable vital signs, patients with severe fracture loosening, and open fractures must not use related products.

(3) The postoperative X-ray film shows that the fracture is completely healed, and the locking plate can be removed. If it is not taken for more than 1 year, the locking plate will fail, and the possibility of breaking the plate will increase.

(4) When locking plates for old fractures, the fracture fragments must be well dissected and the bone defect can be fixed after bone grafting.

(5) During the operation of the product, other substances on the surface, such as unclean cleaning, may be avoided, which may cause harm to the patient, such as biological incompatibility and delay in treatment.

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