Introduce locking plates&locking screws
 Mar 04, 2020|View:413

In order to help you know more about locking plates&locking screws,we will introduce this product from different kinds.

locking plates &locking screws

Proximal femur I bone plate

Steel plate head thickness: 4.2

Steel plate thickness: 6

Steel plate width: 25.6

Steel plate width: 18

This locking plates and locking screws is suitable for proximal femoral fractures.

Proximal Femoral Plate II

Steel head thickness: 2.7

Steel head thickness: 6

Steel head width: 25

Steel head width: 17.5

DHS (LCP) bone plate

Steel plate thickness: 5.5

Steel plate width: 19

Equipped with 5.0mm locking screw / 4.5 / 6.5mm common screw / hollow compression screw (DHS02-00) suitable for proximal intertrochanteric femoral fractures

Proximal femur I bone plate (large)

Thickness of steel head: 5.8

Thickness of steel cadre: 5.8

Width of steel head: 30

Width of steel cadre: 14

Used with 5.0 / 6.5 locking nails for proximal femoral fractures

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