Product Advantage

why choose Zener Medtec?


High Quality

Excellent, Artsy,Superior Spine products;


Complete product line

Agents can find almost all orthopedic products needed, as well as staplers, etc...


Excellent equipment, standard management

We are the combination of sophisticated equipment...


Work with clinicians

We are constantly learning the latest medical knowledge, improving our products...

About Zener Medtec
Company Profile
  • Zener Medtec was started in 2008 by several pioneers of the modern orthopaedics implants industries in China and overseas, which have more than ten years of experience on medical device industry, they believe developing simple solutions for difficult problems is the best way for people’s healthy life.
  • As our company’s Chinese name ‘正合’ means deep-rooted correctitude and cooperation, we’re always developing and creating more advanced, easy-to-use and effective medical products, with oriental and occidental talents, to benefit the people.
  • In the past, the Treasure Voyages of Zheng He started the epoch-making communication and fusion by sea between the Oriental and the Occidental. Today, ZENER MEDTEC makes sail, to benefit human health with a combination of both oriental and occidental wisdom.
  • We aim to build strong, intimate relationships with clients, patients and health professionals, providing them with our considerate products and solutions. In Zener, we’re always full of passion and enthusiasm, as our target remains, making great efforts to improve our patients’ quality of life. Respecting each other and respecting the world around is Zener’s core culture as always.
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